Environmental Statement

Aiming to Reduce Our Impact

Nightingales Farm is surrounded by beautiful countryside. We endeavour to keep Nightingales Farm and the Cart Lodge a very special tranquil place and where possible we aim to reduce our carbon footprint. As guests and visitors could you please spare a few minutes to read this policy and help us achieve this.



  • We aim to recycle as much as possible and recycle 100% of all glass, cardboard, plastic, food waste or other recyclable items. We encourage all guests to separate such materials so that we can recycle on their behalf. Facilities are available and the Cart Lodge has recycling bins provided.
  • The office uses recycled paper where possible and printing is kept to a minimum and our website has been developed to maximise online communication to lower the volume of printing required.

The Cart Lodge

  • The Cart Lodge has been renovated using as much recycled materials as possible
  • Any new timbers used have been sourced from FSC sustainable material

Energy Efficiency

  • The Cart Lodge has a new highly efficient boiler with thermostatically controlled central heating.
  • All light fittings and bulbs are low energy efficient.
  • Outside lights are low energy LED bulbs and are on a Passive infra-red sensor.
  • Double Glazing energy saving units have been used throughout along with thermal efficient blackout blinds to help manage solar gain.
  • All floors and walls are heavily insulated to keep heating costs to a minimum.
  • The kitchen appliances used are A graded offering high levels of efficiency.  We have installed an induction hob which offers superior efficiency.
  • The Cart Lodge has a working wood burner and sustainable firewood is supplied from around the farm or coppiced from a friend’s wood.

Water Usage

  • The Cart Lodge is fitted with a shower. On average a shower uses 2/3 less water in comparison to running a traditional shaped bath
  • The toilet is dual flush reducing water consumption and we use environmental friendly cleaning products
  • Nightingales Farm has its own sewage system

Local Producers & Suppliers

  • We endeavour to promote produce from local companies. We used local trades and where possible suppliers and during the build used Essex based companies
  • We encourage our guests to support local businesses from shops to restaurants and you will find on our website and in the Cart Lodge ample information on local businesses for all your needs

The Countryside & Wildlife

  • The Cart Lodge at Nightingales Farm is set on the outskirts of the village of Colne Engaine with mixed arable and livestock farm land all around which naturally encourages an abundance of wildlife, fauna and flora
  • You will experience a wide range of wildlife including roe deer, monk jack, badgers, owls and other hunting birds. We encourage and try to attract a wide diversity of Wildlife and have included bird and bat boxes in hedgerows and trees and planted various shrubs to enhance the Bee population 


  • We encourage our guests to go for walks or explore the local areas on bikes. The Cart has walking maps and ordnance survey maps for your use during your stay. The local towns of Colchester, Halstead and Sudbury can be accessed by the regular bus service that runs from the centre of the Village just a short distance from the Cart Lodge.
  • We provide information on all local attractions in the surrounding area in your The Cart Lodge’ Welcome Pack’ but you are able to gain favour of Things to Do during your stay on our website

Guests Can Help By:

  • Turning off taps when you’re brushing your teeth
  • Turn off lights as you exit any room
  • Follow our recycling guidelines
  • Keep windows closed when the heating is on
  • Turn the heating down when venturing out for the day
  • Never leave electrical appliances on standby
  • Use washing machine only for full loads
  • Support local businesses where possible


Nightingales Farm